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The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review


Why My Story Will Shock You… And How After 5 Hard Weeks, I Eventually Managed To Get My Well-Earned Six Pack Abs. 

(I really never expected myself to write my case study…

(Why? Because I THOUGHT this program isn’t going to work! Read on…)


Truth About Abs Review



(Let me clarify… that is NOT me…)

I managed to get my cousin to take a picture of his body and send it to me for this review purpose…

Reason for taking my cousin’s picture: I want to show you how I kind of look like last time because I don’t have a fat tummy anymore! (uh, except I’m a little taller than him and darker…)

I only can wish I could reverse time to take a picture of my tummy and REVERSE BACK to my original state (duh..) to show you a more detailed picture.

But that can only happen if I was not skeptical and think that I CAN’T achieve results with about Truth About Abs…

Now that is me, the proven me. I guess I don’t have to explain more in details already right?   

But you have to read my quick story on to see how I got my six pack abs.


If you are wondering how I got from my cousin’s flabby tummy to my current state (sorry, I apologize if I sound proud but I deserve it.)

Read on to find out my story and about the training course I went through…

I’ll be totally honest with you and reveal what I LIKE and DISLIKE about The Truth About Abs Program

What *FORCED* Me To Get A Copy of Truth About Six Pack Abs?

I got myself a girlfriend, it was sweet but until we started to get a little intimate. We started kissing and she dropped her hands near my tummy and realizes it was pinch-able.

LOL, that totally changed the mood. I could tell she was disturbed by those fats that I had. We stopped kissing. Oh well, long story short, I had to get rid of my fats. But I had no 1 to turn to…

I search the net and stumble onto the Truth About Abs training program. I was skeptical, obviously and think, ah must be another rubbish book on the net.

So, for a couple of weeks, I had been to the gym to train up (cardio, sit ups, crunches, etc…). My main intention was to seek a personal gym trainer to give me some advice…

But I never did manage to find one… I had to scrap that idea and NO, I’M NOT TRYING OUT ANY SUPPLEMENTS

Why I’m Against Supplements (My Stupid Reasons):

If you ask me why…

I’ll simply tell you because my aunts are always buying the “so-called” fat loss supplements that obviously supposed to make them LOSE fats and weight. Some even promise it’s a guarantee.

What a joke! My aunts are still big sized. Pardon my word and if I offended them or you in any way.

Another reason why I don’t believe in supplements is because I understand that it’s impossible for me to take $100 worth of supplements while having McDonald everyday and still achieve six pack abs.

You get my drive don’t you?

Well, here’s the simple equation which you will eventually understand through The Truth About Abs Program:

PROPER Diet + CORRECT Exercises = Ripped Six Pack Abs.

I know this simple equation, but I simply don’t know how to have the proper diet and do the correct set of exercises.

Well, that was until I decided to give Truth About Abs a try because it received lots of recommendation from people saying that Mike Geary KNOWS his stuffs and it’s a complete journey to six pack abs.

Who exactly is Mike Geary?

I’m glad you asked.

Mike Geary is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist.

I never met him in person but I read some of his articles on magazines before.

He’s definitely a real person but I’m doubtful by nature and dropped Mike Geary a message on his help desk and my… he sure is friendly with his response. Try it.

What Is Truth About Abs About?

The Truth About Abs book is written by Mike Geary which over delivers in terms of content teaching you to have a healthy balanced diet for six pack abs, ensuring you take the best route for your nutritional needs and which fat-triggering foods you must avoid, etc… Basically, he educates you fully on your simple diet.

Later in the section, Mike teaches you his safe and effective abdominal exercises and full body trainings that got him a six pack abs. He also ensures you perform them correctly by pointing out common mistakes.

Towards the end, he provides you with his own advanced bonus secret exercises with pictures all documented properly in step-by-step format. Additionally, he throws in even more of his lean body tactics to obviously… stay lean!

Well, that above is the simple overview of the entire book. I read, implemented and got results from it.

So, here’s my review on what I LIKE and what I DON’T like about the book…

Who Will Benefit Most From This Book?

I don’t want to throw you a list of people. However…

Generally, if you are someone who wants to lose belly fats and flatten your tummy to get visible abs, you would benefit from this.

Yes, regardless if you are male or female. Mike has a training course for ladies too which I’ll be recommending to my lazy sister (it runs in the family…) after she has straighten out her thoughts. (Or when she gets a boyfriend, geez)

I can’t tell you how awesome the book is for the ladies because I’m a male……… okay obviously…

However, Mike Geary fully gained my trust and I recognized him as the expert in this field. So, the Truth About Abs female version should be as effective as the male version. Think about it, he wouldn’t release products that would tarnish his reputation in his arena… definitely not! Or he’ll lose all of my respect.

What I Like About Truth About Abs?

1. Overwhelming amount of content

Seriously, it is 140 pages long (with lots of pictures) but it definitely educated me from A-Z, especially on the diet factor.

If you are worrying that Truth About Abs under delivers, you will reconsider once you read it. I really felt my investment was worth!

Besides, Mike tells you what mistakes to avoid for maximum definition of your abs and for your safety as well.

2. Educated me fully on diet.

Yes, I know I said it above but I’m a COMPLETE beginner and know nothing about diet, however, after reading the first 41 pages which has a truckload full of information and facts on diet. I can feel myself being a food nutritionist already to a certain extent, on six pack abs.

3. Involves NO supplements or any MIRACLE pills.

Heh, you got me right. I did not read anything about Mike recommending any *MIRACLE* pills that can slash your body fats instantly.

However, I’ll be completely honest with you and he does recommend certain meal replacements proteins for the super busy individuals.

No, I did NOT take these replacements. Don’t worry…

4. Comprehensive Daily Diet Time-Table


Because I’m SO lazy and SUCK so bad at planning my own daily diet, this is EXTREMELY useful for me.

Thank god for Mike he included 15, yes FIFTEEN daily diet plans for you to choose from. Flexible… yeah!

Well, if you think this isn’t enough for you, you can just drop him an email and I’m sure he’ll throw you more! These 15 sure is enough for me.

(Okay, just don’t tell him I told you this. :P)

I know you need proof so…

Here’s an example of his daily diet plan: (I have to blur it for obvious reasons)

Detailed Time Table


5. A complete workout plan (10 different levels) with detailed screenshots and descriptions.

This is as good as having Mike beside you, telling you how to perform the exercises!

I find the screen shots that are presented in step-by-step in Truth About Abs exceptionally helpful and clear. Besides, he has descriptions to make it crystal clear.

What I basically did was follow like how my dog follows me.

I’ll show you what I mean (blurred out for obvious reasons)…

Detailed Exercises



What I DON’T Like About Truth About Six Pack Abs

I will be completely straight forward and honest about this as almost every book has their own setbacks, even Truth About Abs.

Here’s what I feel… You may argue or laugh at my reasons, I don’t care…

1. You have to devote TWICE a week for training at least.

I’m a freaking lazy person, honestly. Even if it’s once a month, I might not be able to achieve.

However, after the incident where I could tell my girlfriend is kinda disappointed in me (but she still loves me…), I told myself I must really work for it.

Well, partly because she’s really pretty + understanding and I don’t want to lose her! :P

Hey if you are not really to commit yourself to do these simple exercises, I would say DROP IT, go look for another solution that someone else has to offer you.

But truth about abs worked for me and that is why I’m sharing with you my experience.

2. Has too much content to read.

This is a huge problem for an average joe like me who is unable to sit still in front of the computer and read the entire truth about abs training program.

I eventually printed it using my office’s resources (LOL) and read it whenever I travel long distance in the train.

I do have to point out though that the exercising part is the most exciting section and that night while I was reading it, I got so sucked onto it that I read till 2am or so…

No, I wasn’t late for work the next day, thankfully. :P

3. Changing of diet

There’s NO WAY you are going to get your VISIBLE six pack abs if you don’t cut down on your diet. Let’s face it.

And yes, I had flabby stomach too so you don’t have to worry if you have one.

Ok, but I have to admit this is the TOUGHEST part for me. I’m a big fan of MACDONALDS. Sadly, I’m attracted to their FRIES with garlic chilli sauce.

Mike Geary calls it the Devil Fries“. Screw him, but I admit… it is now…

It’s ALMOST impossible for me to change my diet from McDonalds or Carls Juniors to egg omelets, chicken breast, roasted peanuts, skim milk, etc…

It took me 2 weeks at least to finally settle down on a new diet. I’m different because of my passion for McDonalds.

Final Advice For You While Reading Truth About Abs

1. Print it out. (much easier for you to refer to while you are doing your workouts)

2. Take notes while you are reading.


I may suck at everything else but thank god I did not give up when I went through Truth About Abs…

4. Start working on your diet immediately after reading and don’t drag like me.

5. Print out your current picture and paste it on the wall and check back every week to watch the gradual change. (This is one big mistake on my part that I did not do but I challenge you to do so to watch the change, it gives you a temporary ego boost, really.)

Is Truth About Abs Worth The Investment? Should I?

If you ask me directly, YES, of course. I stand firm on this decision.

It’s not too much money to invest and as always, look at the rewards you will get in return from truth about abs.

You can try hopping onto the bench on a sunny Sunday afternoon and watch how the girls AND guys stare at you.

As for me, they always pay close attention to my six pack abs rather than my friends who are better looking than me (but without six pack abs).

I got to tell you, it’s a HUGE ego boost, really. You’ll understand fully once you have it!

I’m really happy I took the courage to drop my doubts about truth about abs and willingly forked out the cash for this cheap investment instead of trying to go out there looking for miracle pills or other fitness books which they consider experts.

Oh just in case you missed it later, Mike throws you about 7 free bonuses which I find the Stability Ball Killer Abs Workouts bonus eBook and Ultimate Stair Exercises bonus e-book exceptionally useful to help add more effective abdominal exercises for a beginner like me.

It’s very rewarding. The Truth About Abs is worth the investment.

You can get your copy and read more about the book here -


I sincerely hope this review totally cleared the doubts you had!

Mark Destro

and his sexy abs :P

P.S. – If there’s any question you need me to answer you, just drop me a mail and I’ll answer to the best of my standard.

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